A Comprehensive Guide on Automatic Check Weighers

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Are you considering purchasing an automatic check weigher? Or maybe you already have one and just want to learn a few more professional tips?

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Nowadays, automatic weighing machines are no longer optional, especially if your business is in any of the automated industries. As a matter of fact, there are rules and guidelines that hold your company accountable if you exceed the tolerance limit.

How do you ensure your products remain in the clear despite the staggering number. Well, the answer is simple – get an automatic check weigher.

What is an Automatic Check Weigher?

Basically, an automatic check weigher is a system which primary focus is to weigh, classify, and segregate items by weight.

This techy tool works by weighing items as they pass through the production line. After which, it classifies the items by the preset weight zones and sorts them based on their classification. Consequently, taking a large chunk of work off your hands.

Do You Need An Automatic Check Weigher?

Your business activities will determine whether you need an automatic check weigher or not. If your line of business deals with packaging and/or filling products, then you should totally get one.

Some of the basic advantages of an automatic check weigher includes:

  • Ensures you comply with net contents laws for pre-packaged goods

  • Reduces inaccuracies and product giveaway

  • Fast and reliable classification of products

  • Carefully checks for missing components in a package such as coupons, lids, labels, etc.

    2 Major Factors that Can Affect Automatic Check Weighers’ Accuracy

    Certain factors are known to affect the accuracy of any automatic check weigher. Outlined below are some of the factors and a few tips to ensure topnotch results.

  1. The Environment

    Automatic check weighers perform differently under different environmental conditions. Little disturbances such as vibrations, dust, dirt, temperature fluctuation, and air current can affect your result at the end of the day. Be sure to take your environment into consideration as you decide to purchase an automatic check weigher.

  2. The Product

    This is yet another factor that can affect your automatic check machine’s accuracy. Ideally, the products should not shake or vibrate while passing through the automatic weighing machine. A little shake could interfere with the final result, thus reducing the accuracy of your machine. To avoid this issue, make sure the products are tightly packaged.

Where to get the best automatic check weigher?

Now it’s time to pick the best automatic check weigher that is sure to deliver accurate results at all times. We totally understand that this decision making process could take a while. Therefore, we helped you to pick out the best automatic weighing machine manufacturer in China. You guessed it –Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (High-Tech in short). High-Tech has a wide range of high-quality automatic weighing machines and check weighers. Nothing beats the magic here. Get your quote now!

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