Features and Application of Multiweigh Packaging Machinery

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  • Date:2020/08/03

Upfront costs related to employee training and new automatic equipment might stop companies to adopt automated solutions. But it must be kept in mind that multiweigh packaging machinery can provide several benefits to the company. Advanced technology has made it possible to automate the maximum steps of a process. No matter whether your company has been working in the field of food, health, or beverages, automated multiweigh packaging machinery will help increase efficiency and productivity.

Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading multiweigh packaging machine manufacturer in China. We are an advanced technology manufacturer and devote to research and design for high precision and high-speed linear weigher, multihead weigher, and entire product packaging line as per the requirements of our customers. Our rich industry experience and well-trained employees have made us capable of providing you with excellent service for packaging project research, design, manufacturing, installation, employee training, and after-sale service.

Here at High-Tech, you can find the best-performing Vertical Automatic Packing Machine. It is an automatic multiweigh packaging machinery that has a production capacity of 20 sets per month. This packaging line includes the multihead weigher, Z-type bucket conveyor, discharge conveyor, vertical packing machine, and the platform. All these accessories will be different and depend on different materials and product requirements. Its touch-sensitive screen will showcase the status of the machine, current operation, and condition of the breakdown in either English or Chinese.

The vertical automatic packing machine by High-Tech has a compact body and each component is carefully made along with a stainless steel touching part. To ensure stable long-lasting working of the packing machine, pneumatic and electrical equipment is manufactured by well- known manufacturers. It comes with alarming equipment that indicates no ink belt to avoid printing escape.

This automatic multiweigh packing machine is suitable for expanded food, popcorns, peanuts, candies, raisin, solid beverage, sugar, jelly, shrimp cracker, apricot kernel, rice, walnut kernel, oatmeal powder, salt, and other grain materials. Companies can also use this packing machine for non-food items such as toys, nuts, and screws. Its key features are listed below.

  • Can see the weight of every bucket through its screen.

  • Can take the print of the machine’s working information such as dump weight, accuracy, total weight, speed, target weight, etc. through the printer.

  • Can schedule the opening of bucket one by one so that the big or vulnerable products don’t release together and stick in the input tube.

  • Can set up a password for the operator so that users cannot easily alter the main setting.

  • Almost 12 languages are available and users can choose any of these languages.

  • Bucket opening time can also be set manually as per the requirement so that products don’t get blocked inside the buckets.

  • Users can check products through photograph eyes. If products are not sufficient on top corner for the next dump, then a signal will be sent to the packaging machine for stopping bagging and giving a signal to the conveyor to send products.

  • Weighing range of each dump is 10-1000g and its maximum combination capacity is 3000ml.

  • The maximum speed of multiweigh packaging machine is 80 bags per minute.

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