High-Tech’s 14 Heads Multihead Weigher

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  • Date:2020/05/05

As one of the leading manufacturer in high accuracy measurement equipment, Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (High-Tech in short) is specialized in all types of high accuracy measurement equipment, including material conveyors, vibration feeders, and food packing equipment. Their measurement equipment products have been welly received in many overseas countries such as Asia and Europe. Being the professional multihead weigher supplier in the market, High-Tech always puts quality of their product firstly. We will be taking a look at one of their best-selling products in the bellowing paragraphs: the HT-W14 multihead weigher.

Product Introduction:

A formidable 14 heads multihead weigher, this machine is designed to weigh a wide range of products from produce (both whole and diced) to candy, sticky products, soybean and even metal parts. We’ll be taking a look at its various specifications to see just how much this computerized multihead weigher is truly capable of.

Product Parameters:

The HT-W14 is capable of weighing between 10g and 3000g with only a 0.2g-0.4g average error per bag. Accuracy error it will be around 1-2g. It’s weighing speed comes in at 120wpm and has a hopper volume of 1300ml. It has a 10.1inch touch screen for controlling its various capabilities and a step motor driving system. All told its features yield an impressive combination of high capacity and accuracy.


High-Tech’s 14 heads multihead weigher comes equipped with a vast array of features. It has special revolving rotation equipped for efficiently scattering material. The bucket door’s opening and closing speed can be finely adjusted to prevent crushing and blocking material. It is made with dimple stainless steel, reducing risk of damage to the product. The display also comes with a powerful performance monitor capable of conveying minute performance data. The system also comes pre-programmed with 99 different parameters, streamlining a huge number of possible operations and configurations. Finally, the control panel has multilanguage to support opening up international use.


The HT-W14 14 heads multihead weigher is a powerful and versatile machine. It can handle massive weight loads at well over 3000g, and is easy to organize materials in thanks to the gargantuan array of 14 different hoppers. With a hopper volume of 1300ml it also handles work efficiently making it a smart rapid processing investment. The powerful control panel makes this equipment user friendly and versatile, being accessible across multiple languages and time spent on configuration. With a maximum miscalculation of 2g, the HT-W14 can match the quantity of its workload with quality in performance. All in all, an excellent choice for precision measuring needs.

High-Tech’s HT-W14 multihead weigher comes with incredible features. It is a high capacity, accurate weigher that efficiently processes a versatile array of materials and is also user-friendly. The HT-W14 comes from an established, professional, international manufacturer and comes equipped to handle the diverse needs of its international market. Anyone with a need for efficient, high accuracy measuring would benefit from this product produced by High-Tech.

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