How Does an Automatic Food Conveyor Works?

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  • Date:2021/04/14

Normally, an automatic food conveyor refers to the mechanical machine that is used to move food items from one place to another. These are absolutely beneficial for carrying heavy and bulky items within the factory or any workshop. The movement is done through traveling as some conveyors feature wheels which allow them to move automatically on their set path known as enclosed tracks. They are popular and almost every industry uses them according to their needs. Automatic and manual conveyors can be used in supermarkets, factories, airports, and other places.

Here, we are going to talk about an automatic food conveyor that is made by Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Let’s have a look at its specifications. Its structure is a belt conveyor but has an inclined shape. It is considered as a high technology machine and named as HT-5. The material for this automatic food conveyor is 304 stainless steel. But stainless steel is only used to make the machine, the part where food is going to sit is all made of plastic so that food can be placed there easily. The plastic allows easy cleaning for regular use. The plastic is also of two kinds. One has holes in it that can be used for large and bulky items while there is one plastic that doesn’t have holes. The one plastic that doesn’t have holes can be used to transfer food that is in a small shape. The plastic board is 420mm wide and 300mm wide on the other side, so it takes enough load for one time moving. The baffle for this automatic food conveyor is 70mm that serves well for most of the material.

Its angle, height, and speed are adjustable and can be made according to your requirements when you are using a machine. If we talk about power and voltage, then it is 220-230V, 0.4kW 50Hz respectively. The vibration feeder is installed in this machine. The parts contacting with food are made of 304 stainless steel that support the machine with their non-grade adjuster to regulate the functionality. This allows the machine to send the material from the storage to the material conveyer through vibration. This way the work gets done early in the kitchen and this is how many companies are working too. The maximum feeding capacity is 2cbm/hour which is all right with that sort of machine. The storage is used to store the material to be packed with a capacity of 0.5cbm. The machine has a packing of a wooden case.

Foshan is a company that is a leading high accuracy measuring machine manufacturer in China. They make different sorts of machines that can be used in various industrial applications. They have taken up the responsibility to manufacture packaging related machines and an automatic food conveyor is one of them. The company got established in 2011 and it hasn’t been so long, but they have established their reputation as a trustworthy company. They not only sell their products in the local market, but they also have clients in Europe, Asia, and the Middle East.

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