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Our company, Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., or “High-Tech” in short, is located at the southern edge of China in Guangdong. High-Tech aims to bring you the quickest and most accurate way to measure your products, whether they be large, small, rough, or smooth. Being a professional linear weigher factory,  we are the leading producer of high accuracy measuring machines, and allows our customers to get the exact same amount of merchandise into each package. The linear weigher packing machine comes in many different models, such as the extremely popular multihead weigher. These products are easy to operate and maintain, and promise a uniquely reliable experience, giving the same results with each use.


HT-W4 4 Heads Linear Weigher

The 4 heads linear weigher is an affordable machine designed to accurately weigh and package smaller, homogenous materials such as different powders, seeds, rice, and other goods of similar consistency. The HT-W4 4 heads linear weigher is a product that is sure to satisfy any customer looking for the precise weighing of their smaller-scale merchandise.


Easy and Accessible

The advantages of this 4 headed device include a multi-language touch screen which makes usage easy and accessible. As a professional linear weigher factory in China, we mainly export our linear weighers to overseas countries such as Korea and Russia, as well as Southeast Asian countries and European countries. Accessibility is at the top of the priority list. This linear weigher packaging machine product is designed for quick and efficient use, and will do wonders for any business looking for faster ways to package.


Sleek Design and Adjustable Format

The linear weigher packaging machine also features a sleek aluminum design which makes maintenance of different machine parts effortless. When removing and cleaning different parts of the weigher, you can be sure that the product is designed to make life easier on the user. The design is purposefully made to be used by anyone who needs to accurately weigh their goods. The linear weigher packaging machine also boasts an adjustable program which can be formatted to accommodate multitudes of different materials. No matter the project, you can be sure that our linear weigher will get the job done the right way while saving energy by getting it done quickly.


Our Promise

As a professional linear weigher supplier from China, High-Tech is so confident in the value of these linear weigher packaging machine products, that we offer a one-year warranty on all efficienc. Buyers can trust that our company works hard to bring them the best machines for the lowest price. High-Tech is also dedicated to creating a better future along with the help of our buyers who strive to use energy efficient and sustainable products such as ours. The revolutionary nature of our linear weighers promise to save our customers’ businesses both in  time and money, as we bring you the future of precision packaging in a modern design. So look no further than High-Tech if you are looking to improve upon your high volume efficiency when packaging and weighing goods. Consumers of these packaged goods expect accurate measurements and consistent results each time they make a purchase, and that’s just what the products at High-Tech delivers.

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