Make Your Business Easier with Automatic Weighing Packing System

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  • Date:2021/07/12

Automation of different items packaging procedure is generally actualized, such as automatic food or sugar packing equipment. Automatic packing machine or packaging machines assist makers with fulfilling the present needs and stay aware of the tight competition in the market.


The automatic packing machine not just spares companies from the mind-boggling procedure of manufacturing yet improves manufacturing productivity. It ultimately spares time and activity costs. However, before you continue buying food packing equipment for your business, you ought to be familiar with the detailed features and specification  of an automatic packing machine firstly in order to choose the best supplier.


Let’s see the functionality of automatic packing system gear for novice packagers.


An automatic packing machine refers to different packaging equipment utilized for robotizing the creation of food items in various companies. This machinery is competent in performing these activities:


· Make bag packing for the food items

· Gauge the products for filling

· Fill the food/sugar into the packs/compartments

· Seal the packs/compartments

· Weigh the quantity of bundled sacks/compartments


HT-13A Automatic weighing packing system


Industry automation has turned into a worldwide pattern in packaging. The packaging process has probably the most applications in the industry with an ever-increasing number of organizations are changing to mechanization.


Foshan Hi-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. presents their latest HT-13A automatic weighing packing system which has the capacity of multiple applications. This automatic food packing equipment can pack fragile food items with high-accuracy. Within the safe standards of packaging and sealing, HT-13A can pack rice, jelly, candy, pistachio, apple slices, dumpling, chocolate, pet food, small hard wares, and so much more.


HT-13A automatic weighing packing system consists of absolute features. With high-end accuracy and high productivity, this HT-13A automatic packing machine can complete the entire procedure of feeding, weighing, filling and sealing, and date printing.


It comprises of PLC control framework, man-machine interface, and huge touch screen, which is an ultimate source of providing convenience to the operator. It’s superbly equipped with a servo winding system and pneumatic control framework. Last, but not the least, this HT-13A automatic weighing packing machine is versatile, smart, fast, and could provide high productivity to your business at a reasonable price.


Why choose Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.?

In order to meet the high standards of oversea market, Foshan Hi-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been always developing and manufacturing various types of automatic equipment, including electronic multi head weigher, material transport, vibration feeder, remove transport, stage, check weigher, metal locator and so on. They could satisfy their customers’ demands of pressing, gauging and checking constantly. The modernized multi head weigher is the primary result of their organization; it is high exactness, quick speed, profoundly programmed, broadly utilized in the proportion pressing of candy, sunflower seeds, popcorn, granulate and frozen foods. As one of the leading automatic high accuracy measuring machine and packaging machine manufacturers in China, High-Tech could not only offer high quality products at reasonable price, but also could provide entire weighing and packaging solution and technical support for their customers. That’s the reason why High-Tech is a trust-worthy supplier for your choice.

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