HT-13A: Omni-packaging from Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment

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  • Date:2020/05/05

Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (High-Tech in short) is a leading manufacturer in high accuracy measurement equipment such as material conveyors, vibration feeders, and food packing equipment. They widely sell their products to overseas countries in Asia and Europe. With 20 years manufacturing experience in the industry, High-Tech can be trusted to maintain professional standards and manufacture high quality accuracy measurement equipment. Today, we’ll be looking at one of their automatic packing machines, HT-13A Automatic Packing System in details.

Product Information:

The model of this automatic packing machine is HT-13A. It is one of High-Tech’s best vertical automatic packing machines. These automatic packing systems are used to weigh, package, and dispense a wide variety of products. This one advertises a specialty in rice, but can handle jelly, candy, pistachios, apple slices, dumplings, chocolate, pet food, and small hard wares as well. The following is a breakdown of its specifications and capabilities.


This automatic packing machine is capable of weighing large capacities at an impressive level of accuracy. HT-13A automatic packing machine automates the entire packaging process. It will feed products into the processing area, weigh the material, fill the packaging and seal it. It can also date finished products, dispensing them automatically. The PLC control system is accessible, large and simple to operate. The vertical automatic packing machine operates on pneumatic controls and a servo winding system, allowing it to convey a great deal of power. Above all it is cost effective and efficient, performing its duties in a fast and satisfying fashion.


HT-13A is a vertical automatic packaging machine. Products are fed into the processing area from the top and dispersed below. This makes the vertical automatic packaging machine space efficient. Facilities can store a great deal more machinery because of how many procedures and types of products HT-13A can handle, and the fact that they are all packaged into this smart vertical design.


Unlock many automatic packaging systems, HT-13A is capable of handling a wide array of products. Most packaging systems are designed to handle a specific product, specializing in chocolates, fruits, produce, etc. But the HT-13A can handle many more products than its purported specialty. Most systems also focus on one stage of the process. They might fold, wrap, label, or date, but not all in the same machine. Because the HT-13A handles every step of the process it is a much more efficient investment than most packaging machines. Its sheer versatility makes it an excellent investment.


HT-13A vertical automatic packaging machine produced by High-Tech is high efficiency. It handles more of the process, more types of products, and in a smaller space than could be expected from an automatic packaging machine. Easily loaded from the top and managed from the PLC control system, utilizing the HT-13A is a smooth and user-friendly. All of these features are provided by a well-established, professional manufacturer with a strong reputation in the industry. The HT-13A is a wise and well advised investment for any plant with processing needs.

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