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Is there a company who brings you an affordable way to minimize labor and expenses at your business? It sounds too good to be true, right? Well, that’s us. At Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd., (“High-Tech” in short), the thing we do best is conduct business which helps other businesses. With our new and innovative technology, we offer our customers a highly efficient product which weighs and separates their goods at a reasonable price. We are located in Guangdong, China and often sell to European Countries and Southeast Asian companies as well as Russia and Korea, so our products are equipped with multi-language technology. As a combination weigher factory, High-Tech leads the way in the world of accurate and efficient weighing, working to create machines with many uses that will prove beneficial for our customers.

10 Heads Multihead Weigher

At High-Tech, we pride ourselves in producing six different models of our 10 heads combination weigher. These machines are built to accurately and efficiently weigh products of varying sizes, shapes, and textures, and the user can expect the same reliable measurements with every use. The many variants of this product were designed to keep every customer in mind and all come with different specialized features, all stemming from the HT-W10 10 Heads Multihead Weigher.

10 Heads 0.5L Mini Multihead Weigher

This multihead weigher is specifically designed for weighing smaller materials such as seeds, candy, chocolate beans, etc. For users who do not weigh larger sized goods, this is a reasonable solution that will still meet your needs and you won’t pay the price for unnecessary extra space.

10 Heads 2.5L Multihead Weigher

The  10 Heads 2.5L Multihead Weigher strives to get your more substancial jobs completed quickly and with ease. This weigher is can be used for more snack food-like substances such as preserved fruit, dog food, chips, nuts, etc.

10 Heads 3L Multihead Weigher

Our 10 Heads 3L Multihead Weigher is designed for the same materials as the 2.5L Weigher, only on a slightly larger scale.

10 Heads Vegetable Multihead Weigher

The specialty 10 Heads Vegetable Multihead Weigher makes weighing your stickier materials a breeze. The sleek stainless steel of this weigher makes it extremely easy to clean after each use.

10 Heads Waterproof Multihead Weigher

The 10 Heads Waterproof Multihead Weigher is your friend when it comes to materials that are harder to deal with. Frozen items, plastic items, small metal pieces, and small herbs are all things that can be weighed easily with our machine designed for tough jobs.

Our Goal

As the world’s leading combination weigher supplier, High-Tech takes its responsibility seriously. Our company brings you precision weighers with varying features which aim to meet the needs of all customers, but all of our products have one thing in common: they get the job done quickly and accurately and they are energy efficient. High-Tech looks towards a better tomorrow and asks that the consumers of today do the same. Energy efficiency and sustainability are pillars for sustaining life on our planet. What makes our company special is the desire to do things the right way, and we have the resolve to do so.

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