Top Features for a Peanut Packing Machine

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Whether you are looking to scale up your peanut packing system or perhaps just looking for a more efficient way of packing your peanuts, investing in a peanut packing machine may be your best option. These machines are specially made to handle a bulk of the peanut packing process which in itself offers a variety of advantages:

•Improved production times – A well-engineered machine will cut down on the time it takes to take your peanut packing from beginning to end so you can pack more in a day. 

•Less man-power – A single machine can handle all the more mundane parts of packing peanuts which means your staff have more time to focus on other more important tasks that need their attention. 

These are just some of the benefits of investing in a peanuts packing machine and if these are things that appeal to you, how do you decide on which one to get?

Choosing the Right Machine

The type of machine you choose really depends on your needs. But if your goals are to really get the most out of your day and automate as many processes as you can, the HT-13 model from Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. (High-Tech in short) is definitely one to consider. 

Such machines require a fair bit of investment in terms of price and even space but the fact remains that the end results are all worth it. The HT-13, an automatic medicine tablets packing machine with weigher, offers so many functions, you will wonder how you managed without. 

The first thing that really stands out with this model is its ability to complete the whole packing process. From weighing the peanuts, to loading the materials, and even bagging and date printing. All of these are done automatically and this is where you can really maximise your time. Just get the configurations in as you need and you can stand back and watch it do the peanut packing for you. 

Speaking of configurations, this machine is also fairly user-friendly and features a PLC Control touch panel that is stable with reliable biaxial high accuracy output. You will also get a step-by-step guide for using it so you can really optimise the use of the machine. The HT-13 works great as a peanuts packing machine but it is also really flexible and can package a number of delicate materials such as: 

•Puffy food

•Crispy rice

•Jellies and Candy


•Apple slices

•Frozen dumpling

•Medicine tablets etc.

This is a machine that can work with you in a number of different ways should you need it to. 

There is no denying that this model is feature-packed but more importantly, it also comes with a slew of safety features. These features have been tried and tested to ensure that they comply with set safety management requirements. 

Indeed, it makes for a great investment and is something that a growing company that wants to scale up can really use. This is a machine that can grow with your company as it grows too.

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