What would be the perfect solution for weighing frozen shrimp accurately?

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Weighing any sort of edibles in food factories is an important task which is why many food factories have been using various types of auto weighing machines. Considering there are foods that are either in the solid or liquid phase, it is crucial to weigh them in an automatic weighing machine for optimum precision and quality. Keeping the dynamic needs in mind, the Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has been making high accuracy measuring machines, and an automatic weighing machine is one of their profound achievement.

This particular auto weighing machine is ideal to weigh the food that is wet, slimy, and sticky. We know that any machine that has to manage the slimy and wet meat would have to be a certain kind of tough to manage all that. That is why, this has been widely used in many food factories that handle the seafood including different types of fish, shrimps, crabs, and much more. With this automatic weighing machine, the owners of food factories will be able to weigh the product before the final packaging occurs. If there is less meat or a little more in the package, the machine will display the result and the meat or shrimp’s weight would be written on their labels before the final packaging.

Product Specifications: According to the international standards, there are some specifications of an automatic weighing machine that we would like to mention here. So, here they are:

1- The automatic weighing machine is for weighing wet and sticky food like weighing

frozen shrimp food.

2- Considering water could damage the small tools and machinery inside the machinery,

this machine is IP65 waterproof. One can clean and wash it by using water without

any damaging concern.

3- This auto weighing machine is compatible with other food packaging equipment and

machines to ensure the optimum quality during packaging.

4- This machine comes with a stable 10-bucket structure which is enough to manage

high weights.

5- The machine is powerful enough to calculate the bigger load.

6- The machine has its own LCD screen to display the metrics.

7- The system of the machine allows you to have metrics in 11 languages, so choose any

language to make the measuring system more fun and easier.

8- The whole manufacturing of this auto weighing machine is done with stainless steel.

9- The body inside and the outside is durable, clean, and neat so there are no worries for

unhygienic packaging upon the shrimps.

10- This auto weighing machine is driven by a step motor and it is supposed to handle 60

bags per minute.

Benefits of using High Tech’s auto weighing machine: These automatic weighing machines can be connected with several other machines to make up a whole automatic weighing system. Through this system, every package is weighed properly and then labeled to be processed further. Having an automatic weighing machine means there will be quality work and less room for errors. It also provides data to manage real-time progress. For more information, please feel free to contact High Tech now!

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