We are professional Multihead Weigher Manufacturer, material conveyor manufacturers and packing equipment suppliers. 10 Heads Multihead Weigher has been our most popular product and sold well all over the world.High-precision, high-standard special load cell make the weigher performance better. 10 Heads Multihead Weigher is suitable for weighing tea, seeds, coffee beans,chocolate beans, raisins ,Hardware and Plastic Particles etc. 10 Heads Multihead Weigher is also suitable for weighing large volume products such as potatoes, tomatoes, onions, fruits, vegetable and salad with large target weight.The vibration feeding of the 10 Heads Multihead Weigher is carried out on the feeder hopper, and the weighing hopper is carried out under stable conditions, so the accuracy of the weight data obtained is high. High speed and high accuracy combinaton,select the best combination instantaneously from plenty weights combination through computerized calculation.10 Heads Multihead Weigher to save plenty raw meterial and labor cost.Mulithead weigher is a necessary product for packaging industry. The automatic multihead weigher improves the production process of packaging industry, making packaging fast and accurate. Mulithead weigher is favored by the majority of users. Its' touch screen operation is simple and convenient. c



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