HT-520 Automatic Vertical Machine

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The machine can combine with weighing system of multi-head weigher, measuring cups device, manual feeding conveyor, spiral dosing machine. 
It's suitable to use in packing the high accuracy and easy fragile material,such as:Potato Chips,crispy rice ,Snacks ,candy,pistachio,sugar,apple slices, dumpling,chocolate, pet food,small wares etc.


PLC control with touch panel-step by step instruction.

Equipped with servo winding systempneumatic control system.

The maximize to improve the whole machine precision, reliability and stability.

Use intellectual temperature controllerthe high temperature control to ensure neat sealing.

The perfect automatic alarm safety protectionlittle waste.the machine will automatically complete all packaging processes from feeding, measuring, filling, Printing ,finished bag


Biscuits are always on high demand on the market since their introduction. This is due to the luxury they come with. However. With high demand in the market, therefore, production of biscuits should be optimized.

This will go hand-in-hand with the packaging as well as the branding process of the biscuits before they get out to the market.

With the need of having an optimal biscuit packing process, High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd is dedicated in ensuring you have a solution to your biscuit industry. A biscuit packing machine will not only make your production easier but it will as well go a long way in making you competitive in the market with the reduced production costs.

Benefits of Using Biscuit Packing Machine

There are several advantages you will enjoy on using a biscuit packing machine compared to companies using manual packing. One of the main things you need to note is that a biscuit packing machine does the work by its own as it is automated.

Below are some of the benefits you enjoy on the use of biscuit packing machine;

· Increased Production – The production of your biscuits will drift immediately on the use of the biscuit packing machine with a positive response. In comparison to the manual packaging, you will have a high production as the packing machine is fully automated hence does the work non-stop.

· Reduced Production Costs – Every business is concerned with how much profit it makes at the end of the day. The use of biscuit packing machine will save you much on the production costs. In comparison to the manual packing strategy, you will need a number of manual human labor whose productivity might vary with high prices of the human labor. Using a biscuit packing machine will, therefore, be a perfect solution in saving you lot of bucks.

· High Precision – The biscuit packing machine will work under instructions received from the user. With the correct instructions, it will retain the same format unless the instructions are changed. With this, therefore, it will provide exactly what it has received with high precision hence no mistakes are done on the packing process.

Quality Assurance

The High-Tech biscuit packing machine is of high quality to ensure that you fully enjoy what you have paid for at a long-lasting period of time.

First and foremost, High-Tech Company has been on the fore-front line in the production of packing equipment for a long period of time. As a result of this, they have high experience on the customer expectations as well as quality navigations to ensure you get the best.

Secondly, the biscuit packing machine you receive from High-Tech has the CE approval certification which is an assurance of the quality product you receive.

Features of the High-Tech Biscuit Packing Machine

To ensure that you get ease on using the High-Tech biscuit packing machine, you receive best features to complement your work. Below are the features you get from this biscuit packing machine;

  • Color Touchscreen – Enhances ease of use with a touch on the screen to set up your instructions
  • Multi-language Control Choice – You can use this biscuit packing machine with the language you best understand through changing the language on the control panel
  • Perfect in weighing different product mixes at the same time. This include Roll, Slice or Regular Shape products.
  • You can change the instructions indicated through in the running condition.
  • It features a new generation design through which each actuator can exchange with each other.
  • Lastly, it features a self-diagnose function on its electronic boards.



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