HT-W14-2.5L 14 Heads 2.5L Multihead Weigher

PRODUCT Description


Application: Suitable for quantitative weighing fluffy material such as candy, seed, chips, pistachio nuts, nut let, preserved fruit, jelly, frozen foods, raisin, almond, nuts, corn, pet food, puffy food, fruits, vegetable and salad etc.

Technique Parameter



Weighing Range(g)


Average error/bag(g)




Max.weighing Speed(b/m)


Hopper volume


Driving System

Step Motor

Control Panel

10.1inch touch Screen


Double door mechanical device for weighing buckets, facility to set up operation angle for the motor according to the volume properties of the material.

According to the characteristic of material can be fine adjusted the opening and closing speed of the bucket door to avoid crush and block.

The target buckets can be set up to feed orderly, to resolve the problem of blockage effectively.

High accuracy digital weighing load cell makes accomplishment of accurate measurement.

Multilanguage control panel, Chinese, English, Spanish, Korea, German, French and Arabic, etc.

Strong compatibilityassembling directly on the top of the packaging machine in order to make compact structure.

Power supply: 220V Power: 2000W Frequency: 50/60HZ Rated current: 10A.


Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading high accuracy measuring machines manufacturer company in China. They are known as professional Multihead Weigher Manufacturer and material conveyor manufacturers because of their work. Multi head Weigher has been the most popular product for their company. These machines are manufactured and sold all around the world. Things like high-precision and high-standard special load cells make their weigher performance better.


Factories all around the world need a weighing machine. Linear weigher packing machine is suitable for weighing tea, coffee beans, chocolate beans, seeds, raisins and many small things like that. These machines are ideal for weighing food-related items.  Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has a large packing machine line that includes multi head weigher, packing machine (Vertical packaging machine & automatic bag filling and sealing machine), Conveyor and some other. If you are looking for a machine like that, our company can supply all these machines, convenient for operation and maintenance all over the world.


Here we are going to have a quick look at the specification of linear weigher packing machine.


First thing first, its model no. is HT-13A. It comes 1.5 years for a machinery warranty. The price of this linear weigher is between USD 22,000 to USD 25,000. The machine’s condition is new. This machine falls in the Food & Beverage industry and can only be used to weigh food items manufactured in a factory or weighed in a food factory. After weighing the food items, it is applicable to pack them in plastic bags. However, the linear weigher packing machine uses film as the base material to pack them in the plastic bags. The idea is to pack them so that it can be placed on the shelves of the grocery store. This machine is automatic, and you don’t have to do much just command it and it will do the packing on its own just like many automatic machines do. It has a touch screen by which you can set commands. The operation is simple and convenient. It can be a part of an automatic food packing system in any food factory. It can be your Vertical Form Fill Seal Packaging Machinery within the packing area.


As for the driven type, this machine is electric and only work if 220 V of electricity is provided. It usually takes 8KW of Power. It is made with Stainless Steel or Carbon Steel and seems to be pretty durable. This machine is pretty heavy and the weight for this is 1000kg. Dimension(L*W*H) can be varied depending on the required processes. The machine is certified with a CE certificate. The company offers After-sales Services as well through Engineers available to service machinery overseas.


The linear weigher packing machine has become a necessary product for the packaging industry. It improves the production process of the packaging industry. It has been making packaging fast and accurate as well. Nothing is more or less when it is packed. All things go pretty accurately.  These machines are favored by the majority of users because it saves them money, time, and cost spent on labor. 



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