HT-W14-5.0L 14 Heads 5.0L Multihead Weigher

HT-W14-5.0L 14 Heads 5.0L Multihead Weigher

PRODUCT Description


Application: Suitable for quantitative weighing of wet, granule, slice, roll or irregular shape material such as frozen dumplings, frozen vegetable, plastic part, camphor ball, small metal and herb etc.

Technique Parameter



Weighing Range(g)




Max.weighing Speed(b/m)


Hopper volume


Driving System

Step Motor

Control Panel

10.1inch touch Screen


High speed and high accuracy combination, select the best combination from plenty weights combination through computerized calculation.

Fine adjusted the opening and closing speed of the bucket door to avoid crush and block.

304 Stainless steel structure, easy for cleaning.

Strong compatibilityassembling directly on the top of the packaging machine in order to make compact structure.

Displaying every vibration for working performance monitor.

Multilanguage control panel.







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