HT-W14-1.3L 14 Heads 1.3L Dimple Multihead Weigher

PRODUCT Description


Application: Suitable for quantitative weighing of sticky material such as gum drop, spun sugar, meatball, vegetable, screw etc.

If you are an engineer, technician, or anyone who works with multihead or close to multiple head configurations; then you are going to need a multihead welding welder for sale. The weld quality of this product will ensure a high quality weld, and the ability to bond with thin materials. These welds are able to be applied with either flux or tungsten carbide. There is no other welding process that can produce as much quality as a multihead welder for sale can.


The multihead weigher for sale is made with a construction grade stainless steel. It has been specifically designed to accept tungsten carbide tips and have thick butt pads for a solid and safe hold when in the welder's hands. Each butt pad is bonded to the welding sheet by the company's in-house epoxy resin. This gives each pad its own heat-weld bond. The weld is held tight during the welding process and it is very durable against the forces of a multihead welder.


A weight is considered to be one of the easiest welds to work with and will produce a professional looking weld on any size of joint. Because it is so easy to use, it is also very popular. Because the weld quality of the weld is so good, most welder manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on their welds. If your multihead welder for sale has any defects in the weld quality, then the manufacturer will replace it for you free of charge.


Multihead welders are not only made for the construction industry. They are also very popular for use in the electronics industry as well. They can be used in conjunction with soldering irons to complete intricate tasks like soldering together thin strips of copper, gold plating, soldering aluminum and soldering titanium together. Many times the joints that these welders are used for are smaller than most mig welder joints. They are often used in automobile repair shops and aircraft assembly lines. Because the weld quality is excellent and they are less likely to break than MIG welders, they are used more often than MIG welders.


If you are considering purchasing one of these welders, it is important that you do not attempt to weld on your own. Although they are easy to use, they are just as much of a hazard to you as they are to your joints. You should have someone who is trained to use one of these welders with you at all times. You should never start welding on your own and you should never use a multihead welder that you bought from a dealer or manufacturer if you did not buy them from an approved dealer.


When you consider purchasing one of these welders, you should look for one that has been certified by Hightechgz, Inc. as having excellent weld quality. In addition, you will want to purchase a multihead welder that produces fewer secondary metals in the filler metal than the ones that come with lower price point products.



Technique Parameter



Weighing Range(g)


Average error/bag(g)




Max.weighing Speed(b/m)


Hopper volume


Driving System

Step Motor

Control Panel

10.1inch touch Screen


High speed and high accuracy combination, select the best combination from plenty weights combination through computerized  calculation.

Fine adjusted the opening and closing speed of the bucket door to avoid crush and block.

Quantitative weighing function.

304 Stainless steel structure, easy for cleaning.

Displaying every vibration for working performance monitor.

Presetting 99 sets of parameter for programming.

Multilanguage control panel.

Chinese/English etc. Multilanguage control panel.



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