HT-W4 4 heads linear weigher

HT-W4 4 heads linear weigher

PRODUCT Description

Product Description:

suitable for quantitative weighing powder, regular, homogeneous material, such as sugar, salty, seed, rice, sesame, glutamate, chick essence, milk powder, coffee and seasoning powder etc

Technique parameter:

      ﹡   Make mix different products weighing at one discharge.
      ﹡   Program can be freely adjusted according to production condition.
      ﹡   Modular design, aluminum box interchangeable, simple operation.
      ﹡   Insert device of drive plate, simple maintenance, low cost.
      ﹡   High accuracy digital weighing load cell.
      ﹡   Color touch screen.
      ﹡   Multilanguage selection.


Snack making companies and factories are always in need of a snack packing machine. It can be very useful if you are looking to pack food items such as chocolate, candies, biscuit, popcorn, chips, and many more things like that. These things always require packaging that can keep their quality intact. Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. has various packing machines that include multi-head weigher, snack packing machine (Vertical packaging machine & automatic bag filling and sealing machine), Conveyor, and some others. Although this snack packing machine is only for dry items, there are machines available by which you can pack liquid items such as juices, mineral water, and smoothies.


Here we are going to have a quick look at the specification of the snack packing machine.


For snack packing, we have 4-head Linear Weigher HT-W4.  The model no. for this machine HT-W4. The price of this linear weigher is between US$ 4500 to US$ 4600. The machine’s totally brand new. This machine is used in food factories. After weighing the snack items, it does their packing in plastic bags in a slice, roll, or regular shape. Plastic bags could be the wrapper printed with company name and details or a plain one. This way, these items will be ready to dispatch and customers can buy them from shelves in a grocery store. The reason for this kind of packing is to place on the shelves of the grocery store. This machine is automatic, has a touch screen by which you can manage the setting. The operation is very simple and convenient for all sorts of people.


As for the driven type, this machine is electric and only work if 220V of electricity is provided. It usually takes 1.5KW of Power. It is made with 304 Stainless Steel that is really durable. This machine weighs 300kg while the weighing size of the bucket is 2.5L. The machine is certified with CE approval. The company offers After-sales Services also.


The 4-head linear weigher snack packing machine has become a necessary product in the packaging department of every food factory. You always need to pack your product, and this is the company’s competitive edge that they offer something that adds value to your work. These types of machines save time and improve the production process in any food factory. There I no need to do manual packing of each item. The snack packing machine is favored by many factory workers as it saves them money, time, and cost spent on labor.


Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company that manufactures accuracy machines in China. The company makes the Multi-head Weigher machines, and it is one of their top products. Among the Multi-head weigher machines, they have 4-head Linear Weigher machines which are very popular in food factories. This type of measuring machine has become a necessity in food factories. People all around the world use these kinds of machines to weigh and pack their products. With technology use, it gives you high-precision and snack packaging at the same time.



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