HT-13A Automatic weighing packing system

HT-13A Automatic weighing packing system

PRODUCT Description

Product Description:


    Suitable for packing high accuracy and easy fragile material, such as puffy food, crispy

      rice, jelly, candy, pistachio, apple slices, dumpling, chocolate, pet food,small hard wares.


    Completing the whole procedure of feeding, weighing, filling and sealing, date printing and finished products

       sending out automatically.

﹡    High weighing accuracy and high efficiency..

﹡    PLC control system, man-machine interface and big touch screen, simplicity of operator.

﹡    Equipped with servo winding system,pneumatic control system.

﹡    Low cost, cost-effective, fast speed, high efficiency.




A good auto weighing procedure has become inevitable these days, for the transportation of goods from one place to another. At the same time, there are many businesses in this field as well that make use of auto weighing packing machines. In fact, some of them also employ people for carrying out the job of weighing and packaging for them. There are some firms and manufacturers that do not rely on the machines, but will carry out the entire process on the spot. However, it is good to have an auto weighing and packing machine if you are involved in the transport business or if you run a garage selling similar equipment and tools.



If you are considering buying an auto weighing and packing machine, it is advisable to find out all about its features and functions. This will help you evaluate the pros and cons and decide if you require this machine for your business or for your personal use. Many of these machines come with different options. You can either use them to weigh stuff or to pack them. But they are mostly used to weigh vehicles or other heavy objects, which are difficult to move manually.



A good auto weighing and packing machine should be equipped with an LCD screen, which is easy to read and understand. The machine should also have stainless steel wire-grid scales as well as automatic weighing plates, which help to determine the weight of heavy objects accurately. This type of weighing machine usually comes with a probe station and a storage tank. All the required weighing plates should be there in the storage tank. Most of these machines also have reversible benches, so that the person handling the machine can easily change the bench to the required one without removing the parts of the probe station.



If you are planning to buy auto weighing machine, it is advisable to study its various features and functions. It should have clear-cut display that shows the weight of the loaded item at all times. The display should also show the quantity of the weight of each object at different places. The auto weighing machine should also come with a back-up battery, in case of power failure or if the power is down for an extended period of time. The machine should also be portable enough to be carried from place to place, while also being small enough to be stored easily.



If you need to transport the auto weighing machine long distances, then a big transporting truck or trailer is needed for transporting it. If you are also going to use the machine at home, then a smaller-sized machine would be suitable. The machine should also come with an easily-swipe key for placing the weight on the computer screen. Some machines come with a programming language so that you can make your own programs that will record the weighing or weigh the objects. This will allow you to program in different settings, which will ensure that the machine comes into sync with the setting you have previously chosen for the machine.



When buying an auto weighing packing machine, make sure that it comes with a warranty and that it is from a company that is well-known. There are many companies that manufacture and sell auto weighing machines. Spend some time to research about the company and the product you are planning to buy.



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