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Environmental factors affecting the accuracy of check weighers

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The accuracy of the check weigher will be affected by environmental factors in addition to its quality. Here, we will see which environmental factors affect the accuracy of the weight sorting machine. Attached is also a description of the workflow of the check weigher.

check weigher

Here is the content list:

l Environmental factors

l Workflow

Environmental factors


For example, workshop fans, air conditioning, wind blowing, etc. can have an impact on the accuracy of the check weigher.

Ground vibration

Due to the high noise level of the workshop, the frequent operation of the machine causes ground vibration, and even the uneven ground in some workshops will also affect the accuracy of the check weigher.


General high temperature, low temperature, humidity, extreme stability will also affect the accuracy of the check weigher. In general, the check weigher suitable working environment is -5℃~40℃, relative humidity: 95% (no condensation).

Electrostatic induction

Charged objects or dust close to metal objects will generate static electricity, of course, will also cause interference or even damage to the sensitive check weigher, so prepare anti-static measures in advance.

Radiofrequency interference

A variety of radio frequency interference check weigher. So how to reduce and avoid this radio frequency interference, not only has theoretical significance but also has engineering value.

The product being tested is corrosive

That only can customize a check weigher with corrosive, pre by detailed communication with engineers, what kind of material and what kind of process for special treatment.

The product has the phenomenon of missing

For example, the packaging box is not sealed tightly enough to lead to omissions, this small phenomenon will also have a certain impact on the accuracy of the check weigher.

Man-made use error

Among them in the production process of improper human use of the check weigher precision impact is greater, and even damages the check weigher. The most easily damaged part is the weight sensor.


Front-end conveying section

The object to be measured is transferred to the weighing section, which on the one hand gives the object an initial speed, so that it can reach stability faster after entering the weighing section. On the other hand, it plays the role of isolation and shock absorption for the front-end material to ensure measurement accuracy.

Intermediate weighing section

This section is a key part of the mechanical system of the check weigher, and its structural design and installation accuracy directly affect the measurement accuracy of the system. It is composed of conveying motor, photoelectric monitoring part, and weighing sensor, which completes the dynamic weighing of the object with high precision.

Back-end sorting section

This section is the action part of sorting, consisting of conveying part, pneumatic valve, hopper, etc., to complete the rejection and sorting of the unqualified part of the object. The rejection method can be set as blowing, pusher, swing arm type, and other ways.

Foshan High-Tech Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. reminds you that all the above factors may affect the accuracy of check weigher.




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